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I gave what I considered the ugliest, craziest sketch a try for the recent PaperCraft submission process.  My strategy was to choose a sketch that was so unusual that not too many people would give it a shot, thereby increasing my chances.  My strategy didn't work, but I will share this crazy card with some of the other "rejects" on Amber's blog today.  Here is a link to some of the other projects that were fabulous, yet not chosen for this submission:
I  made this card from clear cardstock and Make a Wish die cuts.  **I did learn that when using clear cardstock, you can adhere it by spraying with spray adhesive and it does not show through to the other side.  The trick is to get it absolutely right the first time.  You can not lift or shift your image at all, not even a tiny bit.  For this card, I doubled the patterned paper so the image is the same on the inside, minus the pearls.  For the sentiment piece, I cut a pyramid shaped piece of Hawaiian Shores cardstock and stamped my sentiment on that.  This card is 4 x 4 and I probably will use it as a tag, rather than a a card.   I only made this card because of the unusual shape and potential to get it published by virtue of numbers.
I submitted two other cards that I WAS really proud of, they didn't get chosen either and I have learned that it is good thing that I didn't decide to be an actress or model.  I put so much of my heart and soul into those two cards and dealing with the rejection is way too hard for me. 
I would like to thank Amber for posting the other cards not chosen.  It has really helped me to see the other beautiful cards that didn't get picked up.  It has really put it all into perspective for me. 


You're right on the money that this wad a crazy sketch! I didn't even attempt to try this one...but I love that you did,i really like your take on it. Thanks for joining in the hop and keep on submitting!

I'm Renee said...

I think this is adorable!
I like your strategy method though...
I just gotta wonder if everyone else had the same strategy and they received so many of the "unusual" sketches they were lacking on the "normal" ones?
I don't think you should give up...
you make beautiful cards!

Sylvia said...

I ADORE this card!!! Can't believe they didn't pick it :-( Don't give up submitting!
{hugs} Sylvia

This is genius! I can't believe it didn't get picked up! This sketch really had me stumped and you made it work beautifully!

And you absolutely cannot give up! I submitted for a whole year before a single card was picked up. And let me tell you, it was brutal! However, it didn't even compare to the moment when I got my first acceptance and my dream finally came true.

Your work is beautiful and I don't think you should give up! Hugs!

Terri said...

I love it. Sorry to hear it didn't get picked up but you should still be very proud of it! If it makes you feel any better I don't do well with rejection either. :)

Suzanne said...

Cathy, this is ingenious! I love the look of clear cardstock, but haven't been brave enough to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!

What, are they out of their MINDS lol!!! Seriously gf, I think this is a fabulously FESTIVE and beautiful card, and I would have picked it for "my" magazine, harumph!

Glenda J said...

I steered away from this sketch but you rocked it! Love all the bling and the colours/patterns are terrific.

sandee said...

I too over looked this sketch, lol, but I must say I really like what you did with it! Great job! It is hard to deal with rejection when you put so much of yourself into a card, but your work is great and I hope you keep trying!

Maggie said...

Oh what a great idea for this sketch! I love the boxes on the clear cardstock....I'm so glad you posted this because I was so curious as to what you came up with. Don't give up submitting! :)

Bwah ha ha, ahem, that is my sketch ;) You're right though it is totally wackadoo crazy! I thought it would be an interesting problem for people to solve. I LOVE your solution! Such a beautiful card, to bad it didn't get picked up, I'm sure you'll have better luck next time!

Heidi said...

Cathy this is a fantastic card! What a great solution to the sketch! Sorry it didn't get picked up but I'm proud of you for submitting! Well Done!!

Cathy, this is BRILLIANT! Wow, just wow!

Sue Ann said...

HOW SUPER FUN AND FESTIVE is that card. Super Smart idea with the presents. I think it is perfect and a fabby take on the sketch!!!

Stephanie said...

Cathy........I am BLOWN AWAY that you did not get chosen for this card. It's unbelievably beautiful!!! You really did a fantastic job on this. Don't you dare let it get you down, because that is definitely a winner!!! Just amazing!

This is such a great card truly! I love it!!

No,No,No, don't you dare give up! This card is fantatic. I checked some of your other work, too. You are very talented. Keep trying. The silver lining to rejection is that you have a fabulous piece to submit somewhere else or to give to someone who will really appreciate it.
I expect to see your name somewhere soon ;)

Noelle said...

This is adorable! Great idea to use the acetate card base:)

Well GOOD FOR YOU for even attempting that sketch! I remember staring at it and trying to think of something, but not a speck of inspiration came to mind, lol. Your card is adorable, and very clever and creative!

Well I think this card is just perfect! What a clever idea to turn the sketch into a pile of presents! I love it! I know I'm not a magazine editor, but I really love it!

This was one of the craziest sketches and I didn't even attempt it because I had no clue where to even start! LOL I think you rocked it!

This is so fabulous!! I think your strategy was excellent!! I too was a reject, but will try again, I sure hope you will too!

Jen Carter said...

How in the world did I miss all these cards?? This is so creative! I love what you did with the sketch! Winner in my book!

gmanshk said...

This is an amazing card. I love it.

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