Just Because-Studio Style

I smile just looking at that stack of cards.
I bought Studio Style six months ago envisioning myself making a stack full of cards to have on hand when I wanted to send a little something to PTI friends, just because.  Sad to say it took me six months, but I finally got around to it.
I also admit, I wanted an excuse to make some doilies.  Lots of them.  All colors.  The button jar from Studio Style is really fun to color, no shading required, just lots of cute little buttons in a sweet little jar.  Here's a close-up of the buttons and the glitter I added to sparkle them up.
So fun to color.  I used Mat Stack #3, Distressed Dots patterned paper, one of the Limitless Layers dies, buttons and twine and now have a stack of a dozen cards to send to the friends I know love PTI as much as I do.


Heidi said...

Wow Cathy! That is a gorgeous set of cards! Thank you for the close-up. I'm enjoying all the details that you created! I just keep enlarging the photos and taking it all in.

These are SO ADORABLE! I love the different colors. Just TOO CUTE!

Suzanne said...

Those button jars are beyond cute, Cathy. I love the way you've added just enough glitz to make the buttons sparkle but used a rustic kraft base to keep it simple.

I'm Renee said...

LOVE them!
They are just too adorable for words!
And those little button jars...
makes me want to take another look at this set...
wish list gets added to...

These are super CUTE Cathy! I don't have that stamp set but you make me wish I did!

Amy Beth said...

I love these! I have this set and I've never used it. So CUTE!

Jen Carter said...

Oh wow Cathy!! How wonderful are these!! I love the doilies and the way you added the sparkle to the buttons! So many great details!! Your friends will be lucky to get one of these!

Rhonda said...

These are fun Cathy!!! Love the doily in all the colors.

They look AWESOME! I love the color schemes.

Keva said...

These are adorable, Cathy! I always looked at that set and wondered 'what in the world would I do with that?". Obviously, this is he perfect answer!

So pretty, Cathy! I tell you, I love sets of cards as much as you do! Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting time when I make just one. (Silly, I know...but I just have such a sense of accomplishment when I finish a set!)

These are beautiful!

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