Raccoon Softie

This is the third softie I have made with PTI's Design a Softie dies.  Unfortunately, the first raccoon I made met an untimely end in a very nasty cat vs raccoon accident.  These dies are such fun and just perfect for my sweet little grandson Jaxon.  He is now 6 months old and he loves to snuggle something soft as he is falling asleep at nap time.

 I used the tie accessory die for the eyes and cut the arms down and folded them over.  The eyelashes were perfect for the paws and I added some black strips to an additional arm to make the tail.  

I will try to take a picture of Jaxon with his new softie tomorrow...if the cat doesn't get to it first!

Edited to add pic with Jaxon:


Lisa said...

This is darling Cathy!! But cutie patootie little Jaxon steals the show today!! He's got big pretty eyes! I KNOW you are enjoying caring for him as much as I am Penelope!!

Renee said...

You know I think this is absolutely adorably precious...
and the raccoon is cute too! :)
Haley wants one...
so we'll be making one soon!
I can't believe how fast he's growing!!!

Ok...I want one too! Once again I am kicking myself for not buying this set. This is just too darn cute. And what a sweet photo of Jaxon, he is so sweet.

Marybeth said...

Jaxson is so adorable! I love his fuzzy little hair...just like a new chick. Oh no,I bet you screamed when the cat ate all your hard worl. I love your raccoon, and the crinckley one you made too!

Sharron said...

Oh, Jaxon is just precious--such beautiful dark eyes and as Marybeth said "fuzzy hair"--so cute! Your raccoon is adorable. Bet you are really enjoying having two sweet babies to make things for.

Oh! Jaxon is so cute with his softie! What fun!!!

Joyce said...

Well, I thought your softie was cute, but then I scrolled down and saw that the cutest thing on your blog today is Jaxon. At least I know where you are spending your time, since your blog has been so very quiet lately. I hope you are enjoying your grandbabies!

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