Modern Mehndi...and a little guilt

As mothers, we spend so much of our lives feeling guilty.  Guilty we didn't spend more quality time with our husbands and kids.  Guilty our house isn't as clean as we would like, guilty we ordered a pizza instead of making a home cooked meal, on and on and on.  Guilty all the time. Today I felt a little guilty...actually a lot guilty.  I always visit my mom every Sunday.  I know she looks forward to my visit and no matter what I say, to her it is the most interesting thing she has ever heard.  Today though, instead of paying attention to my mom, all I could think about was the brand new set of stamps and dies I had waiting for me when I got home.  My new Lil Inker order arrived and was neatly spread out on the desk in my craft room just waiting for me to get home.  I watched the clock,  just waiting for an acceptable time for me to say goodbye and get on home.  The more I thought about my stamps, the guiltier I felt.  I honestly forced myself to put them out of my head and come up with some kind of witty things to talk to my mom about.  Now that my kids are grown, not that much funny stuff happens to me and then of course, I feel guilty about that!  Mom didn't seem to notice my distraction and I have vowed to never open a new package of stamps right before I go for my weekly visit.  That ought to handle the guilt for a while, at least until the next package of stamps arrives.

So, home again and very excited to try out my new stamps.  I have very few flower sets...big mistake on my part as they are very fun to use.  Here is what I made with Lil Inker's Modern Mehndi Stamp and matching die set (Modern Mehndi Die Set).
Taking a break from holiday colors, I chose pinks and browns for my card today.  In addition to the pretty flowers, I used Lil Inker's new Stitched Mat Ovals.  The sentiment is also from Modern Mehndi and I love that it can be used for any special occasion.  Did you see I even stitched on this one?  Big day for me when I break out the sewing machine...and a stickpin!

My guilt has subsided...the new stamps and dies have officially been broken in and I now have my New Years Resolution picked out.  Here's hoping you all had a "guilt-free" weekend and carved out a little bit of time to get crafty!


Nágela said...

Beautiful card!
I liked the flower aarrangement and composition!

Lisa said...

Awww Cathy I feel so bad for you having those guilts! Your card is ever so pretty, love your new flowers. I think your mom would probably love a card with them too! Might help ease those guilts a bit more ;)

Well done for getting out to visit I think I may have caved and ripped that set open. Such a beautiful card........I have this stamp set at the top of my wish list

Sooooooo beautiful!! LOVING the colors and the flowers!! Thanks for leaving me a comment ... I am following you now :)

Renee said...

OK I didn't get this one because I have another Mehndi set that still hasn't been used in almost 3 years...
but I'm loving those sentiments so much and the blooms...
have a feeling I'll cave on my next order!
And these colors were perfect...
can be used anytime...
love it! :)

BethieJ said...

Oh this is so PRETTY!!! I LOVE it!! I got a little chuckle out of your story.. I am sure your mama loved having you with stamps on your mind or not! :)
Have a GREAT day!!!

Sharron said...

Like you, I don't have many flower sets but I was really tempted with this one. I had to limit my order but definitely have these on my wish list. I love that they look great plain or with the detail colored. Fabulous colors too!

This was so funny! I feel guilty every time I walk into my craft room and sit down to play with my toys, but once I jump in and start making something the guilt starts to go away but never completely. Being a mom, don't think that will ever happen. Your card is simply amazing those colors and those flowers are fabulous. Joyce got me hooked on flowers and now I have more sets than I can ever use but as Joyce would say, you can never have enough. I did not buy this set but after seeing your card, I wish it had jumped into my cart!

Vickie Z said...

Fabulous card!! Ohhh... The guilt...of feeling like I haven't done the right's okay...sometimes we have to make time for ourselves and quite, would be worse if you didn't feel guilt! From one girl who has been there to another!

Lyndal said...

FABULOUS card Cathy - well worth the trip ;)
Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a little love too - MUCH appreciated :)

Cathy love the Mehndi stamped on the patterned paper!

Oh Cathy your words went straight to my heart as I can so identify with them! Since Stuart passed I am spread even more thin and the guilt is hard!! But I know that giving joy to myself helps me to be more balanced for my son in the long run. Your card is beautiful and I am so glad you were able to take some time for you to play and enjoy these beautiful new stamps and dies! Your card is soooo beautiful!! Love the sewing and how you incorporated the oval dies!! You always inspire me!!! I hope you had a lovely weekend!! :)

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