Ho! Ho! Ho! (and a little card surgery)

Have you ever done this?  Made a card which you liked, but something about it just nagged at you and you couldn't get past it?  That happened to me yesterday with a card I liked, but couldn't get it to photograph well.  I posted it and as I watched television last night I couldn't stop thinking about what was bothering me about that card.  Here's the card:
First Version of Ho Ho Ho
I loved so many of the elements on this card, but the black just looked washed out and the glittery back panel did not look glittery.  
So...this morning I got up and did a little bit of card surgery.  I carefully took the card apart and reconstructed it a little differently, but I am finally satisfied with the look.  

As you can see, I used the same products, Lil Inker jingle bells (Christmas Bits Die Set)  made to look like Santa's suit, a woodgrain texture frame (Texture Plate Collection Frame One), also from Lil Inker as well as their Stitched Mat rectangles.  I went with white instead of black and left off the twine.  I changed the "H" font and added an exclamation point.  The glitter is still tough to photograph, but overall the quality of the picture is better.  If anyone knows how to photograph glitter...please let me know!  There must be some trick to it that I have not figured out yet.

This card is much more CAS and I feel much better submitting it to this weeks CASology challenge where the cue word is Bell.

As I sign off here today, the patient is doing fine, not so much for the original card though!


Lisa said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE Cathy!! Love the redo ;)

Marybeth said...

Now thats a make over and I love it! Yes all the time I want to fix and redo a card. Love the redo !

This card really makes my jingle bells ring. Love that glitter, and such a creative use of text and images.

Jeanne J said...

I like them both Cathy! The little stars on the bells remind me of Santa's belt and I love the textured frame. You are brave for looking back and remaking this one - I'm a coward and never look back!! :)

I love the make over card! This one looks like a sure winner to me. :)

cm said...

OMGorgeous! Your original card was pretty, but the renovation has shifted it to DAZZLING! The white frame with the texture, the Lil'Inkers frame (I LOVE my LID mats!), the change in letters, the addition of the *!* - and the result is smashing! Show-stopper! I'm calling winner winner on this! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog; coming over here has been a treat x 1,00000!!

Love the Woodgrain Frame!! This is so cool and the bells with the stars in the bells, awesome!! Thanks for joining us this week at CASology!

Cathy...you crack me up! The patient is doing fine...ha ha ha. Love your card, in fact so much so that you have finally sold me on those fabulous jingle bells, I have been holding out but I can no longer resist. You truly have an amazing way with those little bells!

Wow, that's what I call successful surgery, Cathy ... the first card was striking ... the redone one is stunning, so deliciously CAS and with tons of texture ... yum! Anita :)

Judy1223 said...

Cathy, I adore this card...what a make-over! I especially love the little Santa belts on the bells, so CUTE!!! Thanks for joining us at CASology!

Love the frame in white too Cathy! Thank you so joining us this week at CASology!

Rosemary said...

love how you turned the little bells into Santa suits... too cute!! thanks so much for playing along with CASology!

Congratulations on the well-deserved HM honor from CASology, Cathy!! I so love this card! Hugs, Darnell

!neke said...

Just one word , great !!!!!

Boy! I wish I could think about a card redo, and come up with something half this wonderful. I think the first card you did is stylish, but there is something definitely joyous about your redo.

I've been visiting lately, but have not been commenting very often due to time restraints. Your sensibilities are fantastic - like the pink leaf with the other fall colors on the birthday card. I would have never done it, and it knocks my socks off. That one unexpected color, pink, takes the card from smart and elegant to a "double WOW".

Thanks for playing and sharing, and leaving me a very sweet comment. If you keep making and posting, I'll keep coming to gawk. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Bobby said...

That card surgery sent you into the winner's circle. Congratulations! Now I hope you can come up with a way to use what's left over from the original because that wasn't bad either.

Sharron said...

Congrats on your HM at CAS-ology! Love how you used those awesome bells. Both versions look quite creative to me but I do love the frame on the last one!

Christina said...

What a fantastic redo of your original card! I have to admit, the new version is much more striking with the white frame, and the letters really stand out. This is a fabulous design!

Wow! What a fabulous makeover of the first card!! The things you changed really allow your eye to see the beautiful detail of the bells more! And the white frame is beautiful!! It truly is CAS perfection! I change a lot of my cards after the first photographs - for some reason I see things differently when I look at a picture of the card versus the card itself!?!

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