Happy Birthday Jeanne!

Today we are getting together to wish our dear friend Jeanne Jachna of A Kept Life a very happy birthday.  Jeanne is truly one of the nicest people I know and not only makes beautiful cards, but is such a generous and supportive friend.  I can not count how many times my husband has gone out to get the mail and returned with a little package of goodies from Jeanne.  Ribbon, twine, patterned paper, stamps and fabulous cards, all sent for no other reason than she thought I would like them.  Best friend...ever!  A special thank you to Joyce Mehrberg of Cards by the Sea for once again organizing this little party.
First I will show you my card for Jeanne and then give a very brief explanation as to why I made this particular card for Jeanne.
See those cheery colors...I bet if you look back at Jeanne's blog you would find pink, orange, yellow and green over and over on her cards.  I know she also loves purple, but when I think of Jeanne...these are the colors I remember.  The leaves?  Not exactly Fall colors, but once again, there is a reason behind why I chose them.  I loaned Jeanne the Leaf Print stamps and dies from PTI and when I did, she warned me that she was very "tough" on dies.  I laughed that off and got the package in the mail to her.  A few weeks later Jeanne wrote me to say my stamps were on their way back to me, but the dies...didn't make it.  Apparently they were mangled and bent from Jeanne's less than gentle touch with her die cutting machine and replacement dies were being ordered.  We have laughed about that more than once lately, and I knew I had to use my newly replaced dies on Jeanne's card.  
The sentiment on my card is from Lil Inkers, Snarky Sentiments and is my very favorite from that set.  So true, don't you think?  

I am hoping Jeanne has a great birthday...I will be thinking of her today and so will a whole bunch of other blog friends.  Here is a link to the other people attending Jeanne's birthday party:

VickiePlease stop in and wish Jeanne a very happy birthday!


Kara said...

such fun, bright colors!!

Oh what a lovely post! I so enjoyed the story you shared! And your card is so beautiful and perfect for Jeanne! I just love the colorful leaves and the gorgeous twine bow with that pretty button!

I have to add that I have had a couple die cutting incidents myself since I got my vagabond....ugh! Lol!

You are right, Cathy, your card evokes all that is bright and fun about Jeanne and I love how you personified it even more by using those dies!! She will treasure this!! Hugs, Darnell

Jeanne J said...

Best surprise ever Cathy! You got me down to a T! I love the bright colors and I smile every time I see those leaves - our own private joke! I got the original last night and it looks even better in person! You are a blessing in my life and I cant tell you all the happiness you bring me. Absolutely wonderful surprise, best friend ever, and a gorgeous card.. what else does a girl need?

Lisa said...

This is beautiful!! Would love to see a photo of those dies too LOL!!

Cathy...what a funny story about your dies! I would have never believed it. I can't even begin to imagine how to mangle a die! Jeanne must have that special touch! This is so pretty and that bow looks just like one Jeanne would make and I love those leaves, amazing colors!

Marybeth said...

Love your post about Jeanne and the dies… I can see her being kind of in a hurry she only makes a ton of cards a week. I agree with you 100% Jeanne is a sweetheart !
Love your bright happy card! I have always loved those dies this might be my first year I did not use them.

Vickie Z said...

'Kay this is just too wonderful!! The colors... The leaves...totally Jeanne!! Stunning card!!

Sharron said...

What a wonderful post! Love your story about the dies and the colorful leaves. They really are so perfect for Jeanne!

Renee said...

How funny!!
She mangled the dies?
I don't know that I want to know how she did that but I'm sure it's quite the story! :)
And these colors...
they are so perfectly Jeanne...
love it!! :)

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