My PTI Coffee "Date"

Yesterday, I got to do something I had really been looking forward to.  A few months ago I answered a post in the Buy/Sell forum to split the Honey Bees stamp set.  It was a set I had always wanted, didn't need every bit of it, so I was happy to split the set.  That little transaction started such a wonderful friendship, albeit, online.  I finally got to meet the real, live body behind the very sweet and funny online avatar, Rachnsarahsmom, aka, Joyce Mehrberg.
Joyce lives in San Diego and I live in Riverside, close, but not close enough to just pop over and visit each other.  We met somewhat in the middle and spent nearly three hours talking about our families and a very long time about our favorite hobby and obsession, cardmaking and PTI.    Here is a little pic of Joyce and I during our little get-together.
Joyce was such fun to talk to and the time flew by.  She brought me some stamping supplies we had ordered together and also a very delicious little hand-made treat that I admit I broke into before my car left the parking lot.  Here is a pic of what was left of the treat by the time I reached home:

They are the most delicious meringue cookies, and I remember Joyce saying something about them being a Weight Watcher recipe, but I doubt that made any difference as I ate at least 8 of them, hence the small bag in the picture!  She also sent me a beautiful card that she made.  It is so cute I had to share it too:

Isn't this a pretty card?  I hope everyone will take the chance to go check out Joyce's new blog and get the chance to meet a genuinely nice person who shares this cardmaking hobby we all love so much.  Here is a link to Joyce's blog:


I'm Renee said...

Like I told her...
was jealous I couldn't have been there too! :(
I'm so glad you two got to meet...
and she is such a cheerful, positive, upbeat person...
I know she's just a gem!
And what a fabby card...
and picture! :)
You're both gorgeous!!

Joyce said...

What a fun day we had. We'll have to get together again. Your post was so fun to read. I'm sitting at a cafe in New York City reliving our day again. Hope you are enjoying the countdown.

Kara said...

how fun!! so glad you had such a nice time!!

I'm so happy for you two! What a great way to spend the day! I admit, like Renee, I'm jealous!! Guess I'll just have to wait till next year at SAF!

Kim said...

Well...I am in Renee's camp and very jealous that you two got to meet in person. You both look so sweet and sounds like you guys had a blast.

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