HEC #14 & Mojo Monday 176

It is with the greatest of respect that I am posting this card today for Ted's HEC #14 challenge.  I would never have made this card, were it not for the respect I feel for Ted and his challenges.  For this challenge which you can read about here: http://www.happilyevercrafter.com/2011/02/happily-ever-challenged-14-tribute-to.html
we were to make a valentine card which was very easy for me.  I used Mojo Monday  as the design for the card.  Read about Mojo Monday 176  here: 

I was very happy with my card right up until the point where I had to fulfill the most difficult part of Ted's challenge, to use my own handwriting on both the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the card.  I hate my own handwriting.  That is why I love stamps and use the PTI Inside/Out series of stamps so often.  As I said, I loved my card right until I wrote two little tiny words directly onto the card.  Awful, Awful, Awful.  Wrong look, wrong scale, everything wrong.  Almost threw the card in the trash.  After making Ted's ears burn with several choice words, I just cut a little banner, wrote a different set of words onto the banner in white and glued it right over the even worse original words.  Ted, I am sure St. Valentine, who was about to be executed would have been happy with this card, but I am not.  I will give it to my daughter who won't even tell the difference.


I'm Renee said...

You're so funny!
Your handwriting is fine!
And the card is adorable...
Your daughter will love it not matter what!
Love the colors...and the shape!
Your stitching is fantastic!
Poor Ted...
I'm blaming him if the FBI come looking for me based on that handwriting part...
mistaking me for a possible serial killer! :)

Stephanie said...

Look who is just loving Itty Bitty Bird!!! All of your cards with this set are just wonderful. Love the handwriting, Cathy....It's just perfect.

Rhonda said...

Oh my that is so funny Cathy!! I like the card, handwriting and all.

Monica K. said...

I'm loving your shaped cards, Cathy! I wouldn't be so hard on your handwriting, it is very neat, clean and easy to read. And your card is so cute and festive for Valentine's! Great job on the challenge!

Ted said...

ROFL! Cathy, I laughed throughout your post. :) Thanks for being a brave trooper. Your card is beyond adorable and I'm so grateful you played along! :)

Lee Anne said...

Cathy, we are our own worse critics, aren't we? Your cRd is beautiful and I love the stitching and your handwriting. I, however, will NOT participate in this challenge. No one wants to see my handwriting.

Jillwag said...

Wow this is cute and the layout is devine! Your handwriting is just right!

Jen Carter said...

Your comments totally cracked me up!! I want to try Ted's challenge too but am so not crazy about writing on my cards! I love fonts, they save me the embarrassment of messing up my own handwriting!

On to the card...totally LOVE the stitching on this! Cute, cute way to use it on this layout! And, I really like that you made the ground pink!! Super cute!

Kathy Mc said...

Great circle card and looks like you met the challenge. Funny how we criticize ourselves so much. The recipient won't even notice as they will so appreciate a handmade card. That's my feeling anyway. Besides, your handwriting is not bad at all ~ at least it's legible! Cute little birdies on the hill ~ perfect for a Valentine!

LOL! I love your cute card! Even the handwriting! LOL!

Heidi said...

Cathy this is so cute! Congratulations on winning the gift certificate in Ted's challenge!

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