Friday, January 27, 2012

Their Story Begins Scrapbook Page

Making a scrapbook for my future daughter in law three years ago is what got me started with stamping and cardmaking.  When I look back at that book, I realize how far I have come and also, how much more I have to learn.

My second son, Andy got engaged on Christmas Day to Ashley, his girlfriend of four years.  About time, don't you think?  We are all very excited.  The wedding isn't for quite some time, April, 2013.  It sure takes a long time to plan a wedding these days, much longer than when my husband and I planned out 32 year ago.  I am going to make a wedding scrapbook for Andy and Ashley that highlights both the planning of the wedding and the actual wedding day.  I have been googling and pinning inspiration layouts for weeks now.  Here is one that caught my eye:

It is sweet, simple and I love the forever words overlapped over the black and white picture. If you notice the picture is in black and white and it looks like their jeans are colorized to bring out the navy color of the background  paper.  I have no clue how to do that!  So, here is my somewhat cased scrapbook page.
This is going to be the first page of the album and I wanted it to be flat.  It is made using digital paper, which is a smokey shadow gray color.  The stripes are ivory and the dots are bright white.  I took this picture of the happy couple in black and white because once I started snapping pictures I realized that since it is Winter, there are no leaves on the trees and those poor leafless trees looked pathetic in color.  The sweet pose was actually Ashley's idea and we both thought it would look cute.  Andy went along with it because he wasn't about to argue with both his fiance and his mom.  Very wise son I raised.  I used a digital brush for the Forever words and added the Title and their names using  a beautiful scripty font. 
The wedding colors are black, ivory and lavender, so there just wasn't any way to work lavender into this page without it looking too bright and I also couldn't find any digital rhinestones to use, so this page is very muted.  I am looking forward to learning more about digital scrapbooking as this scrapbook progresses, some pages with be totally digital and some will be hybrid, which is  part digital and part real paper and traditional embellishments.  Wish me luck with this project and if you know any good blogs or find any great wedding layouts, I would welcome the advice. 
Digital Papers: MissMintClassicWedding by Peppermint


Jeanne J. said...

Wow Cathy - Love it! It looks like you had a professional photographer snap this photo - great pose - I like the effect of the black and white image!

Kara said...

how beautiful...they will treasure it!

Marybeth said...

This is such a sweet page, they look adorable in that pose. This is going to be a great book! Digital pages ? New to me.

Deborah Frings said...

What a fantastic idea - something that they will both treasure. I think your first page is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more!

Joyce said...

This first page looks very cool to me. I don't know anything about digital scrapbooking, other than MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR WORK!! This is going to be such a wonderful project, and I think it will be such a fun year of planning and crafting for you. I'll enjoy the ride.