Lumberjack Birthday

No card to share today, already showed all the Halloween birthday cards I made for Carly, but here is a picture of her today on her 22nd birthday.  She just started student teaching and both Carly and her master teacher are dressing as lumberjacks.  Why idea, but she looked so cute 22 years after the craziest Halloween I have ever experienced!


Marybeth said...

Happy Birthday Carly! She sure makes a cute lumberjack! Bet those years flew by faster than you would have liked. Happy Halloween!

Jeanne J said...

YAYYY! Go Carly!! Happy Birthday! I love the plaid! You look too pretty to be a lumber jack but I bet you could catch the eye of more than a few! Be safe celebrating - oh and mess up that kitchen for me!! HAHA!!!

Happy Birthday Carly and great costume! Congrats are beginning your career as a teacher.

Renee said...

Happy Birthday, Carly! :)
Absolutely adorable...
I agree with Jeanne!
On everything!
How in the world are those kitchen counters so clean...
does your mom never cook?! LOL!!!
There's a disaster in my kitchen just fixing a PB&J...
Robert had jam from the kitchen counter to the nook the other morning...
how does that happen?!!!

Sharron said...

Happy Birthday, Carly! Cute costume! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween & birthday. Funny about the kitchen--I thought the same time. Is it always so spotless!!!

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday, Carly. You are about the cutest 'treat' a mom could have gotten for Halloween 22 years ago.

Your daughter is so lovely! And how exciting for her to be starting student teaching too! :)

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