Real quick...before I mess it up!

I finally have my craftroom as set up as it is going to get and it is clean enough for me to take a few pictures.  I have moved this room three times and have finally ended up in the original room I started in.

This is a small room off our laundry room, with a bathroom right next to it so I can wash my stamps without taking them all over the house.

Right as you come in, I have my new ribbon rack, my son Andy made me for my birthday.  I thought I had a ton of ribbon, but to fill up some of the shelves I used small hinged jars and put my wrinkled ribbon in each one.  I guess this is a good excuse to buy some more ribbon...right?  I took a tip from my good friend Jeanne Jachna of A Kept Life and got a large calendar to help me keep track of project due dates and is especially helpful to keep track of all the birthdays I like to make cards for.

 I just have several portable tables wrapped around the room in a U-shape where I have my computer, printer, cutter, scorpal and cuttlebug.  I normally keep that side of the table pretty clean.
 This table, however is a different story.  Always messy, always cluttered, always full of stamps, ink, twine and lots and lots of cardstock scraps.
Since this room doesn't have a closet, my husband put together a really large cabinet and bolted it to the wall to make it nice and secure.

 It is pretty full with all of the containers of just about everything we crafters love to hoard.
This is the rolling cart where I keep my cardstock and miscellaneous PTI patterned papers.  On the bottom shelf are my button jars organized by color.

That didn't take long to take a tour around my 12 x 12 room, did it?  Give me about 10 minutes and it won't look anything like this anymore...I am about to start some crafting!


Kara said...

Loved this trip around your room. I zoomed in and got a closer look. Love the corn dog box! Lol:). J/k. Your room looks great. Your son did a great job making the tibbon rack!!

Joyce said...

Wow--your room looks amazing. So much stuff, and the perfect place for everything. You can use these pictures as inspiration to get clean again, when things get messy! I see my card up, too. How nice that you have a handy son and husband, to make shelves and hang stuff for you.

Renee said...

Tell Andy he rocks...
the ribbon rack looks amazing!!
And it's so clean and organized...
mine is always complete and total chaos...
I think I work better that way...
at least that's what I tell myself anyway!
And I'm laughing at Joyce's comment about Warren...
knowing what you've said in the past! LOL!! :)

Cathy what a fun tour of your craft room. So neat and very well organized. Can you come and organize my room too.

Sharron said...

Your room is wonderful! Looks like you have quite a bit of working space. And everything is so organized! What a wonderful birthday gift from your son. The ribbon rack looks great!

Vickie Z said...

Love your room and the ribbon rack is fabulous!! Ack....mine is always messy!!

Jeanne J said...

Oh I see all sorts of good things here! Love that ribbon rack - you are so organized!! I think my crafty space would scare the heck out of you! I should have known!

Marybeth said...

Cathy its beautiful!!! Love the shelf your son made you. I like that you can put most things away in the closet your husband put together. I am also glad to hear you too make a mess fast! Loved getting to peek in your beautifully organized craft room !

Thank you for a tour of your happy place. I love how organized it looks. The jars of ribbon make me think of jams and preserves - all colourful and yummy.

Suzanne said...

Cathy, the ribbon holder is awesome, just like your whole room!

What a great idea to use the portable tables rather than fixed ones. It means you can move things round when you fancy a change. I have fixed tables that aren't very versatile. I wish my room was so tidy.

JD said...

Your craft room is great...I am fortunate to have a separate room for my crafting...just a bit smaller than yours, and it's only because I am an empty nester too! Love the name of your blog!

JD said...

Your craft room is great...I am fortunate to have a separate room for my crafting...just a bit smaller than yours, and it's only because I am an empty nester too! Love the name of your blog!

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