Before and After- Papertrey Posse June Challenge

Have you ever made a card and after it was done, blogged and sent on to the recipient you wished you had done it differently?  I do that many times, sort of like when I think of something I should have said if only I had thought of it quick enough.  Today, for the Papertrey June challenge I am going to do a little
Before and After challenge.  For the May Papertrey Ink Blog Hop I made this card:
I liked it.  Was satisfied with it, except...I didn't like the chopped off look to the doily.  I wished I could have a do-over, so that is what I did.  Here is the "After" card.
Can you notice the changes? 
I used the whole doily this time, just let it extend a bit over the edge of the card.  I cut the gingham layer a little bit narrower, so more of the brown card base shows and rounded the cardbase corner.  It seems more balanced this way.  I changed the flower image and added some glitter to it.  I tied some bakers twine around the images and added the cute little gardening tools for a little bit more interest. 
I am much more pleased with this card, what do you think?


Joyce said...

I liked the first card when you posted it. However, I must agree that your new take is an improvement. Somehow, the card just looks better. This was a very interesting post. I have often had that experience, where the 2nd card I make is slightly different (and better) than the first version.

I'm Renee said...

I've done that so many times...
made a card for someone...
posted a card...
and then I think about it and wish I had done just a couple of things differently.
I loved the first...
thought it was fabby...
but I do like the 2nd card better.
Love how you rounded the corners...
softens it.
And seeing more of the base by cutting the gingham more narrow.
Adding the twine and tools...

Marybeth said...

Yes, I have done this many times, I have to say the end results have not been quite as good as yours though. Both are so beautiful!

Keva said...

Did I tell you how much I love this idea?!? I cannot wait to play along. I'm looking for a card to "upgrade" now. This card is TOTALLY cute, Cathy!

What a great thing to do, Cathy! I love your first card. But i think it's so interesting how a few small changes make such a big difference! I think the twine really draws the eyes into the floral image, which is beautifully colored!

I know I'll be looking through my stash tomorrow to see what cards of mine can be tweaked!

Maggie said...

This is such a fun challenge, I can't wait to play along! And your cards are simply gorgeous!

Shirley said...

I love both cards! A big help I am. LOLOL It's amazing how colors do change the feel of the card. Both of these feel good!

Jen Carter said...

What a fun challenge!! I think that they are both beautiful! I love the glittery flowers and the twine as an accent too!!

oh my do I ever do like it all good and fine until it is up and then I think "I should haves" card is gorgeous either way, we are our own worst your week is fabby!

enjoy *~*

LOVE the "after" version, much better! I can't believe I have all these stamps and haven't even touched them yet :(

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