12 Kits of Occasions: Rewind Month

Shame on me!  I have been looking forward to our 12 Kits of Occasions "Rewind" month for quite some time...my closet is stuffed with left over materials from past kits...

I am afraid time got away from me and I have shown just about zero creativity this month.  So much so, that when my friends try to find something unique to comment on my three cards...they will probably have to say something like, "I love the background paper you chose for your photograph!"  Honestly, my cards are flat-out CASED cards...almost down to the last detail!  I have Jeanne, Kara and Tracey to thank for this month's cards...thank you sweet friends for sharing your card designs with me:

Jeanne's Card:
I loved this card from Jeanne back in April...even found the butterfly pin she included in our kit.  Thanks Jeanne.

Kara's Card:
I loved the cute snowman...the only thing I changed was the Christmas die cut!  Thanks Kara!
Tracey's Card:
I loved the cute yellow flower die cut layered over the gorgeous floral patterned paper.  Thanks Tracey!

I promise I will come up with a lot more creativity next month when our hostess is Jessica and our theme will be Fall and Thanksgiving.  You can see more of our 12 Kits of Occasions "Rewind" month cards on the 12 Kits of Occasions Blog.


Oh Cathy, Cas'd or creatively your own, these are lovely! Recognize Jeanne's beautiful goodies in 2 of them!

Jeanne J said...

Beautiful cards Cathy! I CASED YOU TOO!!! HAHA!! Now what? LOL! You picked some of my favorite cards too. This was fun - every post is so unexpected - I love a surprise!

Lisa said...

Pretty cards Cathy, I see no lack of creativity here!!

Joyce said...

I loved them the first time and love them again. Sometimes it is nice to make something when you know exactly what it will end up looking like. It's still creative in my book.

Marybeth said...

They are all beautiful! I see lots of creativity! You made them!

Deepti said...

Gorgeous creations !

Cathy...I love all your cards. It is fun to see what you did with all your left overs, they are just as amazing as they were the first time you used the kits. Such a fun post.

Lindsey said...

I think these are fantastic! You should give yourself more credit. I think a CASE does every one good now and again. :) You always create the most beautiful cards. Honestly, I wish you could see some of my attempts to CASE...you'd think it be easy when I'm practically copying someone, but I've had quite a few disasters.

Sharron said...

I think they are all wonderful, Cathy! And there's nothing wrong with following someone else's design. I bet there are many people who still couldn't come up with such gorgeous cards! I thought this was a fun part of the Rewind. I could actually scan through Pinterest and add so many designs to my stash of cards!

Renee said...

They're fabulous!!
And this month was all about CASE'ing the beauties we see and always say we're gonna CASEand then never do!
I meant to CASE more too...
at least I still oodles of supplies! :)

Cathy all such gorgeous REWIND projects, a few cards I need to case here. Love what you chose to work with!

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