You're a Lifesaver

I have a quick card with a long story to share.  I made this card for my good friend Kelley who truly was a lifesaver.  First, the card:
I used WM Oceanbound for the frame and sentiment and WPlus9 for the Life Preserver.  Very quick and easy card.

Now, for the story to explain it.  My friend Kelley was on her way to work when she saw a little kitten that had been hit by a car with a broken leg trying to get across a busy road.  She got out of her car, tried to pick up the kitten and in the process got pretty scratched up.  She drove this stray feral kitten to her veterinarians office because she could not stand the thought of the poor kitten laying by the road all day in the 100 degree weather.  When she got to the vet's, she went inside and got a cat carrier to prevent being scratched again.  When the kitten saw her, he dragged himself up into the dashboard of her car and would not come out.  Kelley had to take her car to the Toyota dealership, have the people there take apart her entire dashboard to remove the kitten.  They were fabulous and actually did it for free and took video of it too.  She then took the kitten to the vet and found out the kitten's front leg was paralyzed, not broken as she had originally thought.  The vet said the leg would have to be amputated and quoted her a price of $650 for this stray kitten who would do nothing but hide from her.  She called her husband and he has a huge heart.  He told her to go ahead and get the kitten fixed up and they would figure out what to do with him later.  They named the kitten Lt. Dan for the character in the movie Forrest Gump.  The kitten went home and refused to come out or eat for two solid days.  Finally, they were able to feed it some baby formula with a syringe and he finally started eating.  He has turned out to be the best kitten...loves to be held and cuddled, purrs all the time, gets around just fine on 3 legs and has made everyone in the house happy they have him.  Our local newspaper even did a story on this and I am so proud of my friend and her husband.  This is the card I made for her and it is so appropriate for my generous friend.


Marybeth said...

Oh Cathy .. I am so happy to hear that the story of Kelley and the kitten has a happy ending. Your friend Kelley and her husband sound like wonderful people.
Your card is simply beautiful! Love the crisp CAS look. She will love this card.

Ang said...

How fortunate you are to have such a lovely caring friend.

Sharron said...

Fabulous card for your very sweet friend! She'll love it! What a wonderful story too. How lucky for that little kitty that a very loving person came by at just the right time!

This is fantastic Cathy! So many things I need to buy!

Jeanne J said...

So clean Cathy! Fabulous card and what a great story! What a big heart and what a clever name Lt. Dan! I love it!!

Joyce said...

That is an amazing story, and the card is just perfect for your friend.

Patrice said...

That's a great story and a cute card, Cathy - I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup again this week!

Kelly S. said...

Oh I love this card...and that story! How awesome, and what a cute name for a kitten :)

I love that your story has a happy ending, a very happy ending. So sweet of your friend and I am sure she loved your amazing card too.

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