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I haven't posted any cards this week because I have been working on a little project I am making for myself.  Have you ever checked out Kerri Bradford Studio?  If you like to use a Silhouette or use svg files, you will love her blog and store.  Kerri makes files that she sells and I found a really cute series of Painters Tray kits for all four seasons and several holidays.  They are called the This & That series and she sells the kits with all of the files and patterned papers you need to make THE cutest project.  All you have to do is print or cut them out and put it all together.  I would love to be so creative myself and come up with all of the little bits and pieces she thinks up, but I am a much better "copier" than creator and this project is exactly as she made hers.
The best idea she has is using magnets to hold the sections in place so you only need one painter tray and can switch out the sections if you want to make more than one season.  Now that I have the hang of it, I think I will give it a go coming up with my own tray for Fall.  I have a while to work on it and should be able to finish one by Sept or early October.  You should check out her store, she is super talented!


Joyce said...

This is such an amazing work of art. I can't believe you did all this. Each box is so different and fun. You have really mastered the silhouette, that's for sure. What a fun piece of art for your home.

Marybeth said...

Oh , Cathy I love this tray! What a great idea and I love that you can switch it up! Uggg you keep swaying me to the silhouette!

Kara said...

this came out great! so much work in all of those pretty details!

I adore Kerri Bradford and her silhouette designs.

This trey is amazing and what a fun piece of home decor to brighten up a room. I love this idea!

Oh wow, Cathy. This is amazing. I enlarged the picture to get a better look at all the lovely little details. Love the 'to do list' and wish it was my list too. I have a cameo and really do not make the best of it so this is really inspiring. TFS.

What a great project Cathy! love the colors and all the fun 'stuff' to look at here!! Thanks for the link - I'm going to check it out!

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Wow...this is amazing! I still need to finish up my classes now that school is just about out. You are so stinking creative and I love all of your amazing little details in this frame. Just beautiful.

Wow! I love your tray and I love Kerri's amazing creations....I am so close to breaking down and getting a cameo! Just another lovely reason to do so! :)

Jeanne J said...

You have been a very busy girl!!! This is wonderful - each box is a little work of art. I want to stop and look at each of them one at a time! Wonderful!

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