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Talk about a blast from the past!  Today, Serendipity Stamps have challenged us to create a card with a 70's Retro Theme.  I would love to say I was too young to remember the 70's, but in reality, I remember them very well!   Serendipity Stamps has lots of stamps that can be adapted to fit a retro theme, so my card is a bit eclectic today with each element taking me back to my high school days.  When I think back to those days the first things that popped into my head were the bright tie-dye fabrics, peace symbols, neon colors, butterflies, rainbows and old television shows I used to love to watch.  Here's my card and a little explanation of what each element means to me:

Check out those neon butterflies!  It is a cute Serendipity background stamp (Butterfly Background) stamped several times to create my own 70's patterned paper.  I colored all the butterflies with neon colored pencils and added some stickles on a few for some sparkle.  The background stamp was easy to line up using my Stampamajig, every butterfly perfectly placed.  It is hard to tell from the picture, but the peace word and black scallops and border are cut from black velvet paper (that's is also something from the 70's, lots of artwork done on black velvet).  The peace symbol is a die (My Favorite Things) I borrowed from my friend Joyce of Cards by the Sea (thanks Joyce).  I just knew that there had to be at least one peace symbol on any 70's card and coated it with glitter to go along with the bright colors of my butterflies.
This brings me to the inside of my card:

I know I am going to have to explain this one.  Back in the 70's there was a detective television show with a character named Kojak.  Telly Savalas was the actor who played Kojak and he was known for his bald head , the lollipop stick he always had hanging out of his mouth and a catch phrase he said on every episode.

His catch phrase was, "Who loves ya Baby?"  When I saw the Serendipity stamp (Who Loves Ya Baby) with his catch phrase, it was like it was made for this challenge.  I added a little strip of butterfly paper and another peace symbol coated with glitter.  
So, did I take you back to the 70's?  I know I was there again.  Now that you have seen my card, make sure to check out the other 70's cards made by Serendipity Design Team Members.  I can't wait to see which Serendipity Stamp images they chose to take them back to the good old days of the 1970's!

Serendipity is having a sale, and it's a good one!  Buy 3 items and the 4th item is free, sale ends on September 12th, so make sure you check out the store!


How fun! This is totally a 70s card ;) Love that you used the Christmas word die cut for this card, it fits perfectly! And thanks for the explanation on the inside ;)

Amy Cokley said...

Totally fun! I remember this set of small neon colored pencils I had... great fun!

Omg, this is too fun and screams 70's! The neon colors were a great idea!

Miriam said...

You totally embraced the challenge! Can't get much more 70's than your card!!

Fantastic card Cathy! I love the peace signs and glitter. We were just talking about Kojak on the weekend--memories!

Joyce said...

I remember watching Kojak all the time! Your card s fantastic. Totally 70's, which I also remember quite well. You really captured everything--those neon butterflies and glittered peace signs are great. Also, love that rainbow paper on the left side--did you make that, too?

Jeanne J said...

Cathy... oh you are bringing back more memories... What a perfect 70's card. You nailed the retro perfectly.. love all the color and the finished inside. Such a fun card!

Marybeth said...

LOL , You did a great job bringing back the 70’s Cathy. The peace sign and sentiment are perfect. Sure made me smile.

Stephanie said...

What fun Cathy! Made me smile :) x

Renee said...

OK...I was born in the 70's and have vague memories of some of this...
but you forgot polyester!! *giggle*
Love that fun background and the neon colors...
and the "peace" sign...
so perfect!
Along with that rainbow paper...
THAT says 70's as much as Kojack!
Which I remember that show...
and the lollipops!! :)
Fabulously fun card...
just made me smile! :)

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