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I wanted to share with you some pictures of a very fun morning I had yesterday.  I have spoken many times about how grateful I am for the wonderful friends I have met through my cardmaking hobby and today I got to have coffee with two of them, Joyce Mehrberg of Cards by the Sea and MaryBeth Lopez of MaryBeth's Time for Paper.  I have met Joyce in person before, but this was the first time I have been able to meet MaryBeth other than in blog land and we had such a great morning together talking about cards, kids and family.  We all exchanged little cards and gifts and I wanted to share those with you.

First, Marybeth made us some delicious honeycomb candy and presented it in a bag tied with this gorgeous tag:
They are  nearly gone now and were so delicious.

Joyce gave us some homecooked caramels in a super cute little tin decorated with snowflakes and a sweet little penguin.

She also gave me a beautiful card with lots of snowflakes and a sparkly ribbon.  Those caramels are actually gone and storebought caramels could never taste as good.

Here is a picture of the three of us:
This was a great start to my holiday vacation and I am so looking forward to getting together again sometime next summer. 


Joyce said...

What a fun morning we had. I'm smiling as I look at our picture again. How lucky I am to have two wonderful gals only hours away. I can't wait until summer.

Jeanne J said...

How neat! Bet you had a great time with the best of company! The goodies look yummy wrapped up with those beautiful tags! Great tradition to start! To many more!

How wonderful for all three of you. Amazing that you were able to connect and share a visit.

You all made such lovely things to exchange.

I'm Renee said...

Like I told Joyce...
it'll take me 4 days to drive but I'll be at the next one...
I would be there in a heartbeat if I could...
you know that!
I'm so glad you get to get together with them...
Joyce is such a doll...
and Marybeth...
I don't know her that well but I just like her!
And I'm also very jealous that y'all get to get together!
The cards and treats look and sound wonderful!
I have that stamp that Marybeth used...
I've never used it...
I may have to rectify! :)

Look at you 3 pretty ladies :) How nice that you live close to some of your online friends!

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