Happy 27th Birthday Andy-Let's Hear it for the Boys IO Challenge

This card was made for my 27 year old baby.  My middle son.  The child who gave me the biggest headaches.  The one who tested every single rule we ever gave him.  The one who I always tried to be one step ahead of, yet never quite was able to.  The one who is the reason I know so much about emergency medicine.  I read nearly every textbook he had, made more flashcards than you can imagine, had my blood pressure and pulse taken so many times it went up just looking at him come into the room. Thank goodness you can't do CPR or intubate someone who is actually breathing or else I would have really been in trouble.  In the end, all of this paid off, after many years of training, testing, interviewing and 4 different academies, Andy became the firefighter/paramedic he had wanted to become since he was 16.  He tells us stories about the fires he's fought and the people he's saved, events I can not believe my Andy could have been part of.  I am so proud of the man he has become.  Today my baby is 27.  I won't tell you how old that makes me, but I can say all of the work was worth it.  This card is for Andy:

I used several Impression Obsession stamps for this card today.  IO Screen is stamped on the kraft cardstock base and Distressed Corduroy is stamped on the orange mat behind the sentiment.  I absolutely love these stamps for a beautiful, subtle background.  I have entered this card in the Impression Obsession Challenge, Let's Hear it for the Boys


Judy said...

Awwe, what a great story... I hope Andy enjoys his birthday.

Audrey said...

Your Andy sounds like my Logan. That child is going to make me CRAZY! LOL! What an adorable card - perfect for a fireman. Andy is a handsome guy - reminds me SO much of my best friend's husband. Happy Birthday to him, and congratulations to you! You should be very proud :)

Cute card and wonderful story. So glad you hung in there and helped Andy become what he is today.

This is totally AWESOME, Cathy! Love the IO stamps I see on your card, and the cute fire truck and that frame (I want that!) My hubby is a volunteer firefighter, talking about taking paramedic training, but it's a lot to take on when you have to work full time too. Happy Birthday to Andy, I honor him for his service!

I'm Renee said...

Cathy...I love the card.
It's absolutely adorable!
And it fits so perfectly!
But I love the story the most...
it brought a smile and lots of memories.
I was that kid too...not with bandages or bp cuffs...but in every other way.
And look how he turned out...you have every right to be so proud of him.
A great Mom!
Happy Birthday, Andy!

Marybeth said...

Cathy , love your card, well I had a chance to look at all your recent cards,they are beautiful. You come up with such great ideas. Love the story about your son. Good job mom! How proud you must be. Take care.

Rhonda said...

Hi Cathy!! Love the story. It gives me HOPE!!

Happy birthday to your 'baby.' you must be so proud of him accomplishing his education goals and serving your community.

Monica K. said...

Love the card! That little fire truck is so cute! Happy Birthday to your son, Andy! :)

Melissa said...

So sweet! Happy birthday to Andy! I love the little fire engine and the texture!

I'm so happy to hear that challenging kids turn out ok--I've got a spitfire of a 3 year old and she sure does test me!

Keva said...

What a sweet story, Cathy! The card is really cute, too. I really like the colors.

Gladys said...

oh i love the embossing effect on the card! So pretty! Happy birthday to Andy!

Susan said...

Am I allowed to call a masculine card beautiful? Because to me it is! Love it, it's perfect for Andy. What background stamp did you use?

I love the story about your son. You must be very proud of him! I know I would be. Your hard work paid off. He sounds like a wonderful person that is priceless to his community.

Shirley said...

What a wonderful recount of his and your life together! I know you make each other proud! What a really wonderful card. I know he loved it and will keep it too!

Happy Birthday, Andy! (late!). Looks like Mommy did good!
Cathy, you must have squealed in excitement with the reveal of that cute firetruck! Great card!

Shirley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Great Masculine Card! Love how you used your IO Stamps and the cute little fire truck I love it!

Wonderful Story. 8-) My Hubby is an LA County Firefighter, so I know all too well about the training and unbelievable stories of what they see an deal with. 8-) ..You must be so proud of him. Happy Birthday Andy

Wonderful card Cathy!


Kelly S. said...

Ahhh yes I SEE it now! SO cool, and I just got that little vehicle set from PTI a few weeks ago...seems like we have the same taste in images, Cathy! ;) Thanks so much for the email. I wrote you back!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Andy!!! Cathy, your card is just awesome for your son. I love how you used 2 CAC stamps and really pulled it together. I'll be cheering for you for the drawing!

Shirley said...

I can't believe I just called you Shelly, Cathy!!! So sorry. Thank you for playing and good luck in the drawing too! I was checking sidebar challenge date widgets, because I misspelled the second Summer. LOLOL

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