Christmas Tag #3 of 12

I've been making tags, tags and more tags. This tag is #3 in a series of 12 and I made 100 of them! Again. I have more than gotten my money's worth from my Tag Sale #1 die, Woodgrain stamp set and Peace Be Still Dies. I went through 2 rolls of Vintage Cream felt making the doves and I don't know how many red beads. I love how this one turned out. The sentiment is embossed and in person is so bright and shiny. I love the feeling I get when I have completed all the steps it takes to make so many identical tags. Making tags are definitely running a very close second to my love of cardmaking.


This is SO pretty! The dove looks lovely on the woodgrain!

Kara said...

wow, 100 tahgs!! this one is great can't wait to see the rest!

Stephanie said...

No wonder you love making your tags.......THEY ARE STUNNING!!! Truly beautiful!

Niki Estes said...

I absolutely love this, Cathy! The woodgrain looks so neat!

Cute tag! Like the woodgrain background for this one.

Monica K. said...

Beautiful tag, Cathy! The woodgrain is such a neat effect to add to the tags. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun making those tags. Looking forward to seeing the others you've made!

Susan said...

Wow!! Just gorgeous!! I love every detail and element you have on here. Stunning!!

Kristina said...

What a beautiful tag, love the wood grain!

Wow, Cathy! I'm in the process of making tags, too, but I'm only doing 40 of each...which I thought was A LOT! I agree with you, though, I really love making them. I don't seem to mind the assembly line! All the tags are just beautiful!

Pat said...

Three down, nine to go! Another cutie, Cathy. The woodgrain is such a nice touch on this tag. Cutting, stamping, embossing ... lots of steps in this one!

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