Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Friendship Swap Gift Package

This afternoon I got a wonderful surprise delivered to me.  It was a beautiful gift box created by Barbara DeBose (kssunflower_mom ).  She made a beautiful set of gifts for me that I would love to show you.  First, this is what I saw as I opened the box:
Very intriguing...
On the top was a beautiful card:

It is so pretty and my picture does not do the shiny gold paper the justice it deserves.
This is what I found when I removed all of the packing material:
A gorgeous hand-made box filled with York Peppermint Patties, one of my favorites.  The box matches the card so perfectly and the lid is embossed.  It is a large box, about 4" x 8" and just perfect.  She also gave me another hand-made little carrier with the best smelling cherry lotion and liquid soap.  They smell wonderful. 
Here is another look at this beautiful gift set:
I would like to thank Barbara for going above and beyond on this swap.  I love every single element of the gift and I will be sweet-smelling and several pounds heavier because of it.  Thanks again.  You can check out Barbara's blog here:


Teresa said...

Beautiful gift boxes she made for you! You can't go wrong with Bath and Body either!!:)

Jen Adcock said...

Wow! Now that's my kind of gift. How considerate. But I love how much you clearly appreciated your gift. That is so very nice on both your parts.

Renee said...

That is gorgeous!
I love the french...vintage...feel to it.
I would sit and eat all the York's in one sitting!:)

Jen Carter said...

What a sweet gift!!