Thursday, June 11, 2015

Montana Monkey Softie

I have been waiting for some time without any distractions so I can make a few softies...finally got that time this week while I am on vacation in Montana.  I mailed a big box of supplies to myself and they were waiting at the post office to pick up the day we arrived.  I love looking at all that beautiful felt and embroidery floss in all the matching colors!

I have made a few softies now and every one I make I learn a little something that makes them not only easier to make, but more tailored to the two sweet babies I make them for.

Here's the monkey I made yesterday:

Had to use my iPhone for the camera so the picture isn't as good as I would want, but this little guy has a loop sewn in the top for a teething ring and inside his stuffed little belly is a rattle disk so he makes lots of noise for my sweet baby grandson.

Here's a picture of the rattle disk I used.  I got it from While She Naps and is made specifically for use in stuffed animals for babies.  It's very safe and secure.

I glued some stuffing to the top and bottom of the disk before I added it to the tummy area of my softie.  It is padded really well and makes a great, but not too annoying rattle!

I also added a tail to my softie using an additional arm and cutting a slit in the back side of the monkey.

Tomorrow I am going to make a second version of this monkey in "girly" colors for my granddaughter...and then...maybe an owl?  Not sure, but I will have fun trying to come up with something else before I have to head back home.


Alanna said...

Omg this is so adorable. Love this cute little monkey.

Lisa Elton said...

How CUTE is this!! Way to go grandma, they little ones are going to love them!

Kim Heggins said...

Cathy...your monkey is about as cute as they come. I love him and can't wait to see take two!

Marybeth said...

Oh my gosh Cathy! I LOVE this monkey! I will be Csing this for sure,it's perfect and so darn adorable! Love the shaker and the rattle ,although the youngest here is two. Love the tail too! Can't wait to make a monkey now. Enjoy your vacation . Oh, after you asked me about the stitch kit......I bought it,so now you can come over and cut some.

Joyce said...

This is amazingly cute, and such a wonderful keepsake toy. Made with love, and I know it will be enjoyed with love as well. Love your idea of adding an extra arm as a tail.

Jeanne J. said...

OMG Cathy this is adorable ! I love this little guy and I bet Jaxon will too! I can't wait to see your "girl" version of this cutie! I'm already picturing a hot pink monkey with a bow on her head! Great pic too!

jenmontzingo said...

I love this! Can you walk me through how you did the tail? Not sure how to affix it. Also, going to go look for the die you used for the monkey's face. I love it. I haven't seen a monkey done before with that kit. I'm in love!